What are common accessories for the sink?

What are common accessories for the sink?

There are a number of different accessories that can help to make your life easier in the sink. From the faucet to the counter and garbage disposal we will go over a few of them.


kitchen gearThe classic kitchen faucet is available in three versions: the standard tap, the classic tap or the thermostat. However, it has it has some peculiarities. Thus, the conventional faucet has a higher or lower spout: the higher it is, the more practical it is to fill the large containers or wash them. The pro-faucet, which is very fashionable, consists of a classic mixer tap with a spout at a height of 20 cm from the worktop and, above, a huge hose surrounded by a stainless steel spiral with a hand shower.

Attention: this type of faucet requires a large double-tank sink, installed on an island if possible and with a minimum height of one meter (it is impossible to install window or cupboards above).

On the other hand, while the sink fittings are generally on the throat, they are also currently in the wall, as in the past. Very practical, it allows to free the space around the sink and avoids any stagnation of water. As for choosing between a fixed or a mobile beak, it is better to opt for the second, infinitely more convenient. With a corner sink, you will choose a swivel spout to sweep the tanks and drainer more easily.

Garbage disposals

When it comes to garbage disposal units there are just as many choices. We would recommend reading some reviews in order to get a good one.

When you do pick one up make sure to maintain it properly and stop it from clogging or else it could develop problems.

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