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What is the Best Pet?

What is the Best Pet?

Adopting a dog or cat as a pet is not a decision that can be taken lightly. We can do a test or find information from other people, but the truth and the most important thing will be to notice the personality of these two animals and ours.

It is also important to look at the place where you live, a dog with great needs for exercise will not be happy in a tiny apartment.

Adopting a cat is simply adorable. The tenderness of such a young animal is indescribable and that helps the cat adapt much more easily to its environment.

However, it will require much more care and attention until reaching adulthood.

On the other hand, by adopting an adult cat we made sure to take home a cat with a character already fixed and marked, much calmer than that of younger cats.

Remember that cats are very long-lived animals, which can reach 20 years.

The reasons why dogs are better than cats is because dogs are very social animals and are perfect for people who look for an attentive and faithful companion. Although you should know that there are dogs with very different personalities.

Some will be more affectionate, others more independent and others very eccentric, it will depend on each specimen in particular. If you like to feel loved, the dog is undoubtedly the perfect companion. He will follow you around your house asking you for affection and caresses, something very pleasant for those of us who love petting our pet.

Dogs are very intelligent animals, capable of learning varied orders and feeling happy when we reward them for fulfilling them.

Life with a dog by our side will be much more sedentary than with a cat since you can not leave him alone for a whole day. The dog needs to go outside to walk, socialize with other pets. Although some will see a job going out for a walk twice a day, others will find a perfect excuse to exercise with their dog.

Do not forget that, like cats, we must weigh the economic costs that will involve having a dog at home, food, personal items or veterinary costs must be raised before adopting a dog.

Adopting a puppy dog is an adorable experience but it implies responsibility. You must teach them the basic commands for your safety, follow the process of socialization and hope that you will urinate sometimes at home until you learn. With the passage of time, we will observe how his character develops, sometimes modifiable but sometimes not.

However, if we treat you with the appropriate affection and dignity we can enjoy a sociable, happy adult dog with excellent behavior.

On the other hand, we have the option of going to a shelter to adopt an adult or elderly dog. Although many people do not opt for this choice, the truth is that it has many advantages. It is usually calmer and knows well the orders and rules that volunteers have practiced with it. It is a solitary option that will change the life of a dog and give the opportunity to another to enter a refuge.