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How do bodyguards train?

How do bodyguards train?

Several terms exist to designate a bodyguard. We will speak of Prevention and Security Officer in Close Protection, Private Protection Agent of Persons, close personal protection officer (APRPP) or Physical Protection Officer of People (A3P) in the sector of private security.

Instead, we will use the terms Security Officer or Close Protection Officer (RPO) within the Protection system of the government.

The bodyguard’s mission is to secure and protect people called “VIPs” (Politicians, CEO, and Businessmen, Celebrities, etc.). He may work alone or in a team to protect a person or persons in the course of their professional or private activities.

The qualities necessary to exercise the profession of APR: availability, mobility, great ability to listen and adapt.

To access this profession, there are training bodyguard, close protection officer (APR) or bodyguard .

Necessary training to become a bodyguard

The professional trainings worth fitness to work in the professions of the Private Security according to the article L 611-1 of the code of the Internal Security for the Physical protection of the people are the following ones:

Titles registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications

-Close Protection Operational Technician
-Protection Officer
-Private Close Protection Officer
-Private agent for the protection of persons

Bodyguard Equipment

There are some essential equipment that bodyguards must have in order to perform their job correctly. This equipment ranges from tasers, a torch, baton, bulletproof vest and more.