This month at Be Well Washington:
Maintaining a School/Life Balance and Healthy Nutrition for Student Athletes

Each month Be Well Washington will focus on a different wellness topic to help you improve your health. With summer coming to an end and the school year starting back up again, this month we've decided to focus on maintaining a school/life balance and healthy nutrition for student athletes. When our children are active in school and sports, things can get pretty hectic before you're fully prepared. It can be overwhelming to try to manage school, life, homework, practice and any other social functions or extracurriculars that your kids are involved in. It's important to try to keep a healthy balance to keep your kids from getting overwhelmed. As a parent, you also want to be sure your kids are getting the proper nutrition to fuel them throughout their busy schedules. You'll find links to information about this topic below, as well as healthy, tasty recipes to help you make One Small Change.

What tips and tricks does your family use to maintain a healthy balance? What works and what doesn't? Do you have healthy recipes that your kids love? Share with us using the hashtag #OneSmallChange.